Professional info

Stan is a proactive, flexible and focussed analytical specialist with a passion for data visualization and reporting. His drive is to get knowledge from DWH to end product and going deep in the data gives him energy to deliver with high quality.

Work experience

Application Designer

June 2015 - Present

Communication Officer

March 2015 - Present

Communication Officer within NLDC Digital.

Business Intelligence Consultant

February 2014 - Present

Performing several roles in the BI landscape from Data analyst to functional process consultant.

Application Designer

March 2015 - May 2015

For a proof of concept Stan joined a small project group to deliver Analytical and mobile enabled reports for several sectors within the organization. His role was to load the obtained data into SAS Visual Analytics through its Data Modeller. With these SAS data sources Stan created data visualizations and Explorations based on the requirements of the client and which is best for the situation and desired goal. The Explorations needed to be made available for desktop and mobile use, in contrast to the reports which had to be designed for mobile use only.

Examples of some specific SAS Developer activities for this project are:

  • Data Extraction;
  • Data manipulation;
  • Design ETL processes;
  • Develop reports in the BI reporting tool;
  • Design and optimize reports in the BI reporting tool.

Technologies used: SAS Visual Analytics Reports, SAS Visual Analytics Explorations, SAS Data Modeller, MS Excel, RAD.

Business Intelligence Consultant

June 2014 - March 2015

During a ten month period Stan build on a control center for the B2B end to end process. He started with gathering the data and querying on the Oracle DWH and creating ETL processes for the report. These where all based on query language. The SQL then got loaded and transformed in the dashboard based on the gathered requirements from the business departments. During the last four months, Stan had the opportunity to work on, and improve, his skills of project management and project demand / expectance balance.

Examples of some specific Data Analyst activities for this project are:

  • Gather requirements at Business owners of the processes;
  • Research possibilities reporting tool;
  • Design ETL processes;
  • Design data queries for IT department;
  • Develop reports in the BI reporting tool.

Technologies used: Oracle SQL, MS Excel, RAD.

BI-Reporting Developer

May 2014 - June 2014

In a period of 2 months Stan had the opportunity to get knowledge of the two Oracle tools Endeca and BI EE. He did this by self-study and practical exercises based on actual cases. This way he became a specialist in both tools in a short period. To make use of data in those two tools, Stan had to convert this data through the use of ETL.

Examples of some specific developer activities for this project are:

  • Gather requirements;
  • Research possibilities BI tools;
  • Design ETL processes;
  • Develop ETL processes to deploy;
  • Develop reports in the BI tools.

Technologies used: Oracle IntergratorETL, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery v3.1, Oracle BI EE v11.1.1.7.

Graduate / Software Engineering Associate

September 2013 - January 2014

For the graduation at his Bachelor education, Stan performed a research on data visualization. With the intention to improve the quality of visual representation of data in different visualizations, he set up a guidelines for Accenture to use as a reference and principle. As his own project manager, he had to make sure the results were delivered on time. For the more practical part of his graduation Stan performed a self-study, in a short period of time, in order to get competent with Tableau. With this competence Stan developed a dashboard based on one of the prototyping methodologies, RAD. This resulted in a fully functional, operating and optimized information dashboard.

Examples of some specific graduate activities for this project are:

  • Setting up planning;
  • Control planning and quality;
  • Performing a research including literature study;
  • Developing a demo application based on RAD development;
  • Advise Accenture on data visualization.

Technologies used: RAD Development, Tableau Professional 8.1, Prince2.

Employee Fontys Promotion Team

September 2009 - January 2014

Working in a motivated team of students and teachers who promote their education to younger students. In this way we try to get more new students educating at our program.

Junior Designer

July 2012 - August 2012

Stan designed a new innovative APP for Tablets and Smartphones. For an existing program he made a concept for the mobile version of VLC Butterfly+. In addition, he also tested the functionalities of the desktop version of VLC Butterfly+ based on the requirements and completed milestones.

Examples of some specific Junior Designer activities for this project are:

  • Setting up planning;
  • Gather requirements from management;
  • Develop PoC mockups for the screen by screen walking path;
  • Testing new software versions based on requirements;
  • Advise CSS Breda on the use and visualization of mobile applications.

Technologies used: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Blue Mango Clarify, Prezi.

Online Marketeer

September 2011 - May 2012

As an online marketer his job was to have personal contact with customers of the UniQ Kleding web shops. In addition he was project manager for optimizing and expanding the offerings on the web shops.

Examples of some specific Online Marketer activities for this project are:

  • Customer care;
  • Consultation with Software Engineers;
  • Support and development web shops;
  • Project management support;
  • Expanding functionalities web shops.

Technologies used: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop CS6, PHP v5.4.3, MySQL v5.6, Local CMS.


September 2011 - January 2012

Starting up a new division at the company, UniQ Kleding. It has multiple web shops connected to one system and one Warehouse Management System.

During his internship Stan’s function as Project Leader was to control the progress and make sure that all the needed parts for a web shop where present at launch. This included tasks like organizing the usability, look and feel of the web shops, setting up a Warehouse Management System, plan the actual Warehouse and prepare contracts with several third-hand parties.
In his position he worked with a team of 5 people to make it possible to get the results that the management wanted.

Examples of some specific Intern activities for this project are:

  • Setting up planning;
  • Control planning and quality;
  • Performing a research;
  • Developing the web shops;
  • Setting up localization and usability of the physical warehouse;
  • Setting up meetings and contracts with third-hand parties;
  • Advise CIM on running a group of web shops.

Technologies used: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop CS6, PHP v5.4.3, MySQL v5.6, Local CMS.


Fontys Hogescholen (Mayor)

2009 - 2014

ICT & Business
ICT Management & Security

Oracle, SAP, SCM, BPM, Accountancy, ITIL & BISL, HTML, PHP, SQL

Fontys Hogescholen (Minor)

2012 - 2013

Minor at Fontys Hogescholen on Business Intelligence for Small Business.

Dashboarding, QlikView, SAP ERP, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP BW, Dashboard Design


Business Intelligence
Business Analysis
Oracle Business Intelligence
Tableau Desktop
Tableau Server
Data Visualization
Dashboard Design
Data Analysis